• The Best In Carpet Cleaning 

    Carpets can warm up a room and feel soft under our feet. But they can also provide a perfect breeding ground for dust, mites, bacteria and potentially deadly mold spores. Routine vacuuming helps, but a deep steam cleaning at regular intervals is necessary to keep your carpets and upholstery as clean as possible 

    It has been proven that the  most effective way to deep clean your carpets is with a high powered water extraction method. That is why Up Country Cleaning Services uses a truck mounted system to ensure the deepest clean possible. It is quicker, powerful, effective, and doesnt leave a chemical residue behind. You are left with clean, fresh, soft carpets that look like new again! 

    All Services Are Not Created Equal

    Our fee covers the cost of additional services that other carpet cleaners will charge extra for. Moving your light furniture or having fans distributed to help speed up drying time is not something you should be charged for. Many cleaners will also quote you one fee over the phone and hand you a bill for another when they're done. We will be straight forward about what you will be charged for and go-over everything before hand.

    Our 10-point step-by-step process:

    * Walk through upon arrival

    * Furniture moving (not pianos, china cabinets, entertainment centers, armoires, beds or large dressers)

    * Pre- vacuuming

    * Pre treatment and Spot Treatment

    * Deep Steam Cleaning

    * Fans to speed drying time

    * Post cleaning groom for faster drying time and a more uniformed appeal

    * Return all furniture

    * Scotchgard (optional)

    * Final Client Walkthrough

    * When applicable, additional charges may apply

    We stand behind our quality service and guarantee you will love the results. Want to learn more about what's provided in your carpet cleaning service? You can read more about our detailed plan here.