• Meet Your Local Cleaning Company

    Our story begins over 15 years ago when Stephanie began cleaning for a few local families. In 2010, after moving her family to the Carroll County area, business began growing rapidly and her vision for the company grew as well. Formerly named Have It Maid Cleaning Services, we changed our  name in 2015 to Up Country Cleaning services, added a partner, grew our team, and expanded the list of services offered.  

  • Our Guarantee 

    All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not only will we give you the best cleaning, it is also our goal to provide you with the best customer service. 

    Our Service 

    Our goal is to make each customer a customer for life. From the first time you speak with us until the job is done, it is our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding, highest value service experience possible. We will arrive in a  professionally lettered vehicle, in company uniform, on time and ready to serve you in a courteous professional manner.

    Our Education

    Cleaning is easy right? No, it isn't. There are right ways and wrong ways to clean your home, your carpet, your rugs and your windows, and we are committed to finding the best ways to do that. Anyone can fill a cleaning bucket with chemicals, call themselves a carpet cleaner, or spray windows with some Windex, but that doesn't make them an expert. Training, experience, education, certification and a commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from the competition. 

    Our Equipment

    The equipment that a cleaning company uses is incredibly important. What's the best way to get your mirrors clean and streak free? (hint: it isn't with Windex and paper towels). How do you clean granite safely? What about that stainless steel refrigerator that always has fingerprints? The soap scum in your tub? The stains in your carpet? Pet hair on your furniture? We are familiar with a variety of cleaning methods and have learned what works and what doesn't. The equipment we use will get you maximum results, every time we clean. And most of our products are environmentally safe green cleaners too! 

    Read more about our truckmount carpet cleaning method. 

    Our References 

    We have the privilege of cleaning some of the finest residential and commercial properties in the surrounding communities. We can provide you with top notch references from proven clients to assure you that what we promise, we deliver. 

    Our Prices

    Price is always a consderation when hiring a cleaning service, but it shouldn't be the only one. An inexpensive service is usually one that hasn't made the investment into proper training and the right equipment, doesn't carry the proper insurance coverage and can actually damage or harm your home. We make sure our pricing is fair and honest, and can work within a variety of budgets. We do not offer you incredibly low prices just to get in your door only to bait and switch you with additional fees once we arrive. We do not offer a low hourly rate to look "cheaper" and then just work slower to make more money. Our teams are fast, efficient, and productive while on the job, and our pricing is always fair and honest.